An Uncompromising Life


John MacArthur

Deny God or die.

Your integrity as a Christian may never be put to that life-or-death test. But, like it or not, it is being tested. Every day in obvious and subtle ways—in public and in private—you face decisions that make or break your integrity. What you watch, what you read, what you say, what you do, what you think—even what you refuse to do.  It all adds up to a life of integrity, or a life lacking it.  You either give off light that others see, admire, and are drawn to, or you blend in with everyone else.

Who is the real you?  And can you change to become the person God wants you to be?

In An Uncompromising Life, John MacArthur uncovers clear biblical principles for putting integrity into action. These biographical sketches from the book of Daniel will show you how to stand strong in your faith even when severely tempted to compromise.

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